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Welcome, Training Wheels Motorcycle Club is an OFF-ROAD FAMILY ENDURO club in Southern California that puts on Club Enduros each month in various locations. TWMC supports several riders at AMA District 37 events, and proudly hosted the AMA District 37 Ghost Rider Enduro for 35 years, which was a National in 1994.

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16th annual Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda Enduro

January 15th and 16th

Location – Standard Wash

(near Lake Havasu City, AZ)

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9th annual Macho Man Enduro

February 19th and 20th

Location – Teagle Wash

(near Ridgecrest)

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5th annual Ebberzberg Enduro

March 5th and 6th

Location – North Anderson

(near Lucerne Valley)

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38th annual Keg Run Enduro

April 2nd and 3rd

Location – Charlie’s Place

(near Ridgecrest)

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3rd annual Cinco De Moto Enduro

May 14th and 15th

Location – Hannah’s Hole

(near Ridgecrest)

Schools Out 4 Summer

Dual Sport Ride

June 4th

San Berdoo NF

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4th annual Snake-and-Bake Enduro

June 11th and 12th

Location – Cougar Buttes

(near Lucerne Valley)

19th Bi-annual UTAH Trip

July 2nd thru 10th

Location – Richfield KOA

(in Utah)

Mammoth MTB Trip

August 20th and 21st

Location – Mammoth Lakes

(see above)




9th annual Lazy Lizard Enduro

September 17th and 18th

Location – Ballinger Canyon

(near Maricopa, CA)

10th annual Outlaw Enduro

October 22nd and 23rd

Location – Stephan’s Mine Road

(near Ridgecrest)

2nd annual Vet Set Enduro

November 12th and 13th

Location – Searles Station

(near Ridgecrest)




10th annual Sleigh Ride Enduro

December 10th and 11th

Location – Hodge Road

(near Barstow)

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