Welcome, Training Wheels Motorcycle Club is an OFF-ROAD FAMILY ENDURO club in Southern California that puts on Club Enduro Rides each month in various locations. TWMC supports several riders at AMA District 37 events, and proudly hosted the AMA District 37 Ghost Rider Enduro for 35 years, which was a National in 1994.

We currently have over 90 families, with riders from age 2 to 70+. (OK, the 2 year olds are on E-Quads). With riding skills from the D class Beginner to the AA class Pro. We still hold the record as the #1 Enduro club of District 37 for 15 years straight! The 90’s were definitely the decade for TWMC! A few of our members have been to the Six Days, one of which brought home a Silver medal. 

We host our own club outings each month for our members and their guests, with nine of them being full-blown timekeeper Enduros. To top it off, we have a monthly newsletter and very active message board that keeps all of our members informed. Want to join a truly great club? Join TWMC! 

Please browse our website to learn more about us. We would love to hear from you, and would especially welcome you to one of our monthly outings! See ya in the dez…



January 28h & 29th

11th Annual
Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda Enduro
Slash X – Barstow, CA

February 18th - 20th

4th Annual
Brokeback Mountain Enduro
Teagle Wash – Red Mountain, CA

March 4th & 5th

29th Annual
Deep Creek Enduro
Cougar Buttes – Lucerne Valley, CA

April 8th & 9th

33rd Annual
Keg Run Enduro
Trona Road – Red Mountain, CA

May 6th & 7th

3rd Annual
Mullet Madness Enduro
Stoddard Wells Road – Apple Valley, CA

June 24th & 25th

4th Annual
Midnight Mountain Madness Summer River Run!
Trona Road – Red Mountain, CA

June TBD

3rd Annual
Yucaipa to Big Bear
CA Dez to Mountain

July TBD


August 26th

Dual Sport Ride
Back To School Dual Sport
Oak Hills through Arrowhead

September 16th & 17th

3rd Annual
Lazy Lizzard Enduro
Ballinger Canyon, CA

October 21st & 22nd

5th Annual
Outlaw Enduro
Trona Road – Red Mountain, CA

November 4th & 5th

9th Annual
Overthrowers Enduro
El Mirage – Adelanto, CA

December 9th & 10th

5th Annual
Sleigh Ride Enduro
Barstow , CA

Family Is The Key Word

This is a family oriented MC. We bring our kids, our moms our dads and our close friends out to enjoy the desert, eat meals together and of course ride. Saturdays are all about the kids, the young adults just learning and some of the ladies. We run a Junior event for the kids and start teaching them the basic principals of enduro events. We also host a Beginner / Sport race for those that might not be up to doing a loop on the big course.

In the evening, we have a pot luck and all come together to hang out, eat and enjoy each others company. After we eat, we hold our monthly club meeting where we discuss any relevant issues, future events, new members and hand out awards from the previous event. It is a fun, safe family environment and we only accept people into the club that understand this family philosophy.


With TWMC, it’s all about the family time. This fundamental value is the first thing on our list for a reason. We love racing, we love having a good time, we love the desert but we love our family time and atmosphere first and foremost. This club is all about the family time and sharing it with people that have the same values. 


Yes, family comes first but make no mistake about it; we take our racing seriously. We put on a monthly club ride with challenging courses for Novices all the way though top level Masters riders. We all ride the same loop but offer various “splits” with more difficult sections and extra mileage for the more advanced groups. 


We also take trips together, especially in the hotter summer months. This year we went up to Mammoth Mountain and enjoyed riding Downhill mountain bikes together, hiking and enjoying all that the mountain has to offer. A great time was had by all and again, family and friendship was the focus. 

Enduro Training – Getting Started With Enduro Rides

How To Get Started

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How To Keep Time

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Intermediate Time Keeping

So you’ve learned some basic timekeeping and now it’s time to learn a bit more. We’ll discuss common setups and the use of enduro event specific computers such as the ICO.

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