- Wicked Bird Enduro, Cougar Buttes

TWMC is an AMA District 37 Family Enduro club. We currently have over 90 families, with riders from age 2 to 70+. (OK, the 2 year olds are on E-Quads). With riding skills from the D class Beginner to the AA class Pro. We still hold the record as the #1 Enduro club of District 37 for 15 years straight! The 90's were definitely the decade for TWMC! A few of our members have been to the Six Days, one of which brought home a Silver medal. We have 20+ riders at all D-37 Enduro events, and several riders and support crew at many of the D-37 Desert events. Each year we host the District 37 Ghost Rider Enduro in October.

We also host our own club outing each month for our members and their guests, with nine of them being full-blown Enduros. To top it off, we have a monthly newsletter and very active message board that keeps all of our members informed. Want to join a truly great club? Join TWMC! Drop us an e-mail for a copy of our latest newsletter or more info.

Training Wheels MC


- Group Photo, Utah Trip, Summer 2010               

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