TWMC Blast from the Past

I sat down and went through some old copies of Cycle News the other night, and pulled out a few races that had past and present TWMC members in the articles.  Yes, the only copies I kept have my name either in the article, or in the results, why else would I hang on to them ;-)  

I've also added a couple of well known D-37 Enduro riders to the page, enjoy...

The article to the right is one of the FRA Enduros from years past (unfortunately I cut out the year).  Yep, Rick was even taking the Overall back then.  I got a kick out of this article, because it's the closest my name has ever made it to the headline.

Click on any of the links below to take a quick trip back in time:

Bill Fullmer Jr - Overall D-37 Enduro Champion, multiple years in a row.

Rick Daniel - Overall D-37 Enduro Champion.

Larry Roeseler - Most Winning Off-Road racer of all time.

Paul Krause - Top Off-Road Champion.

Jimmy Lewis - Top D-37 Enduro Champion.

Eric Matson - Top D-37 Enduro Champion.

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