2nd annual Blazen Trails Enduro
September 19th, 2004

Shannon and Jennifer Smith were the Trail Bosses for this event.  It was once again held at the Mud Pots, near Red Mountain.  Our Trail Bosses had a full weekend planned for everyone.  Kid's Crafts, Junior / Powder Puff / Beginner events, followed by some Fun and Games.  All topped off with one heck of a great Enduro on Sunday.  Photos by Jennifer Smith and Tim Moore.

Camp Saturday afternoon.  Click here for a full-size shot of the above picture.

Colette Bradner and Kim Schul help out with the Kid's Crafts Saturday morning.

Dick Cressy and Phil White enjoy a cold beverage after another great trail ride.

Folks gather at the Perrin's rig for the Junior / Powder Puff / Beginner rider's meeting.

The start line of the Junior / Powder Puff course.

Riders get their card marked at a check on the Beginner course.  Bernie Anderson and Annie Crawshaw~Gennette working the check.

Our Trail Bosses, Jennifer and Shannon Smith, with their family and one hitch hiker on their new golf cart ;-)

Saturday afternoon the "Fun and Games" began.  The first event was the Circle Race.  The idea is to be the last rider left in the circle, man was I dizzy!  Luckily Brian Bradner was a bit dizzier, as he fell out of the circle (right) giving Tim Moore the win.

The Slow Race, the one that was the slowest from point to point without placing their foot down, won.  That would be Danny Schul all by himself out there (right).

The Passenger Race, riders sped across the playing field, picked up their mate, and dashed for the finish line.  Above Mike "Coondog" Cooney and his wife Stacy race for the finish line.

The Boot Race, guides attempted to get their blind-folded teammates across the playing field and into their boots, what a hoot.  Since this is a family Enduro club website, we opted to leave out the Bra Race, but it was pretty hilarious to watch ;-)

Now that's what I call a club decal.  The Rivers family showed up sport'n these most awesome stickers.  The one on front of the rig is made reversed, so it comes out fine in your rear-view mirror.  How cool is that!

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