3rd annual Hava-Rock-Till-U-Drop Enduro
January 14th, 2007

With over a dozen TWMC families from Lake Havasu City, AZ, this year we had our first event held out of the state of California.  Even though it's January, normally the weather in Havasu is in the 60's.  Unfortunately that wasn't the case this year, a winter blast gave us record low's at the start line Sunday morning.  Photos by Kim Schul and Phil White.

Start of the Junior / Powder Puff event Saturday afternoon.

Grace Naylor completes a loop.  During the Junior event it's always a good thing Dad is along to point the way.

More Juniors come into the home check.

Saturday evening everyone gathered for the traditional Cocktail Contest.

Cheryl Barrar, Tammera and Tim Stoner (our Prez) take home prizes from the contest.

Jacqe Moore and Ursula George take home their prizes.

Trail Boss Danny Schul, along with Colette Bradner, and Shannon Smith pose for a pic with Mudshark representatives.  Mudshark's (a Havasu micro-brewery) donated kegs of barley pops for this year's event.  They were also nice enough to help judge Saturday night's contest.

Group photo before the start of Sunday's Enduro.

Lack of rain made it a dusty start across the silt bed near camp.  Fortunately for us, the entire trail wasn't in this condition. (photo enhanced by Phil White)

Alan Baldus on his way to tackle the loop.  With 26 degree weather, many riders were seen hugging their exhaust pipes at the 2.9 odometer check.

Dan Clark leads a group into the finish, after a great day of riding on Arizona's West Coast.

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