Colorado / Utah Riding Vacation
July 2004

This past summer several TWMC members went on a riding vacation.  A group of 5 families started out a week early and went to Ouray, Colorado.  The following week about 17 families got together at a KOA in Richfield, Utah.  Riding, camping, pot luck dinners, riding, bar-b-q's, rafting, riding, geocaching, swimming, riding, bicycling, hiking, and did I mention we did some riding as well ;-)

The rides in Colorado were breathtaking!  This shot belongs in National Geographic.

Taking a break on the trail in Colorado's Rocky Mountain High.

The Colorado Crew (left to right): back row - Tom Hopkins, Al Basler, and Brian Basler.  Front row - Curtis Cram and Van Richardson.

Taking a break along the trail, looks like some awesome single-track.

Diane Cram and Kelso on top of a peak in Colorado.

The first trail ride of the week in Utah.

The Boudreauxs treated everyone to a Sausage feed at our KOA in Richfield, Utah.  TWMC took up the entire back row of the park.

Ned Jones instructs Phil White on proper trailside tire repair.  Dan Hanson stands by in ready reserve.  I believe this is Dick Cressy's bike, he's the one behind the camera ;-)

Middle of the week many of the group went rafting on the Severe river.  Water level was extremely low, so it was more of a float / water fight than rapids riding.

Ambush, about mid-river.

The group stops to check out an old mining camp above Marysvale.

One of two Pot Luck dinners that everyone got together for during the week in Utah.

Lunch stop at Prospector's Cafe in Marysvale, good people and great food.

Taking a break roadside.

Some of the kids out geocaching, Richfield in the background.

Group photo latter part of the week.  A few folks had already started toward SoCal by this time.

Trailside break on top of Rocky Gulch.  This was a serious rocky climb to the top of this one, but everyone came through just fine.

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